Baden restaurant with a certain something from Freiburg

Our restaurant unites the best parts of traditional regional cooking with our Italian roots. We tastefully combine superior international and regional ingredients in a modern way. Expertise and sensitivity in collecting our food are especially important to us.  Here on the farmer´s side of the market we get seasonal specialities first hand. We see what we buy and where it is from. Our game is delivered by a local hunter, our Tagliatelle is homemade, our olives and many other fancy foods are straight from Italy.

Thanks to our connections to the gastronomic specialties shop “terragusto” there blows a refreshing southern wind through our kitchen. This premium mixture enables our motivated kitchen crew to put a menu together for you, which beats any ordinary lunch menu. We also offer high-quality vegetarian food. The certain something from Freiburg – this is what we want our guests to enjoy.